About TGS Technologies

Professional Service for Sample Holder Repairs and Personalized Modifications

As the field of Microscopy evolves, we too have evolved. In addition to our long history of sample holder repair, we also provide custom modifications and designs to meet our customers' needs.

We recognize the importance of saving money. Because of this, we offer customers the opportunity to purchase refurbished sample holders. Visit our sales page to learn more about our available items and contact us if you have any additional inquires. 


Sales in Refurbished Sample Holders

Business Philosophy

Our mission is to provide honest, quality, and professional services to our customers. Our daily activities in life and in business reflect high moral standards, which is the common thread that binds us together in the work we do and how we treat and respect our customers.

Since its inception in 2002, our company has built a wide-ranging customer base because of our hard work, competitive and honest prices, and customer-first service. For twenty years, individuals and institutions have turned to us for their sample holder repairs, modifications, and refurbishments. We operate with a dedication to high-quality customer service, and that same service has helped build trust with our customers and the Microscopy community.