We sell refurbished holders
TGS Technologies refurbishes and resells TEM sample holders at competitive prices. If you are interested in purchasing a refurbished holder, feel free to contact us. Our expertly refurbished products can help you continue to conduct research while saving money on a new sample holder. Our currently available holders are below. Be sure to check back to see updates on our most recent refurbishments.

Available refurbished holders

- Model 925 Double Tilt rotate room temperature holder, manual rotate, for the JEOL 2010-3010 type TEM
- JEOL Gatan-made DT motorized holder with Be. cup and Faraday cup for the JEOL-2000FX type TEM
- FEI-DT LB Hi-Tilt
- Philips EM series Single Tilt Heating holder, Model 628 (Ta.)
- JEOL OEM DT LB for the JEOL 2010-3010 TEM
- Philips/FEI-ST Low Background Holder