Cryo Holder Repairs, Custom Designs, and Modifications

TGS Technologies offers TEM holder repairs based on our customers' individual concerns and the holders' needs. Our services also include collaborating with our customers to deliver a sample holder built specifically for their purposes. If our customers do not find applicable services below, we welcome new opportunities to find solutions to emerging problems.

Our newest service is the Autogrid C-Clip modification. We can now modify your 626 to hold the Autogrid C-Clip. Call us today to learn how we can do this for you.

Sample Holder Conversion

There is no need to purchase a new holder for a different type of an electron microscope. For example, we offer solutions to convert your TEM-Cryo holder to be compatible with a microscope it was not originally designed to fit.


Modification for the acceptance and holding of the Autogrid C-Clip is now offered.

Product Innovation and Design

We recognize that our customers need solutions too often overlooked, but nonetheless time-consuming, problems. We make storing and retrieving samples easier and efficient with our Cryo-Grid Storage Box and the Transfer Release Tool. These tools allows for a Cryo -TEM user to store and retrieve samples in lots of four, pick up the grid storage box, transfer it to the LN2 tray—or storage dewar—and release the box. A user can also easily select which grid to remove from the box by rotating the slotted cryo box cover. The Transfer-Release Tool will loosen and tighten the clear slotted grid cover. 

Custom Manufacturing

Cryo-Grid Storage Box Part# 100. 1000
Transfer Release Tool Part# 100. 2000

We provide the following custom-designed services:

  • Evacuation of a Vacuum Envelope with a dry pumping station
  • Cleaning the Vacuum Envelope
  • Helium Leak Testing
  • Precision Alignment
  • Precision Machining custom instrumentation, including specially manufactured tools for microscopists